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Meridian Explorer USB DAC

Meridian Audio’s MQA technology is the best product at CES so far (Jan 7,2015)

 Michael Brown

Executive Editor, TechHive

'' But what really knocked me out was the quality of the vocals. I don’t know a better way to explain it than to say it was like hearing human beings sing after listening to robots. There was such an emotional aspect to it than when Chrislu asked me what I thought at the end of the demo, I actually got choked up and couldn’t answer him for a moment. Yes, you could say I was verklemp. ''

Cambridge Audio CXN Network Player

Hi-Fi Choice (GB, Juin 2015)

Cambridge Audio CXN Network Player
"Going far beyond the 'buy a streaming platform off the shelf, add on a DAC and stick it in a nice box' approach of some similar products in the past. Putting in the design time has paid dividends for Cambridge, and if the rest of the CX range approaches this high standard, it could just be something rather special."
"Powerful but poised sound; high standard of build; simple to use. A versatile network player with smart looks and great sound at the right price." 
Cambridge Audio CXA60 Integrated Amplifier

What Hi-Fi? (GB, Août 2015)

"The Cambridge CXA60 is immediately likeable. It's fluid, snappy and packed with enthusiasm. This is an amplifier that puts musical enjoyment high on its list of priorities"
"It has a solid sound, and one that manages to be both exiting and easy to listen to in equal measure. It's clear that Cambridge has given plenty of thought to every aspect of the design, as it feels and looks like a high-quality product."
"We're impressed with the Cambridge CXA60. it's an amplifier that delivers in every aspect. It looks smart, it has a wide spread of connections, and its enthusiastic, detailed rhythmically cohesive performance is a joy to listen to. We like using it, too."
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